Invest in the South Side

Whether you’re looking for a home, to start a business, or to make improvements on your commercial property, you’re in a neighborhood that is ripe for investment.

Both the South Side Flats and Slopes are enjoying a residential renaissance: the Flats for its historic housing stock and proximity to East Carson Street; the Slopes for its views and affordable prices. New construction is being built throughout the neighborhood, with homes selling almost as fast as developers build them. And housing values on the South Side have soared. Ten years ago, the average sales price was $37,000, compared to an average of $112,000 today.

Business and property owners on East Carson Street also have enjoyed the benefits of a revitalized South Side. A local and national historic district, the vacancy rate on Carson Street is less than 10 percent, compared to more than 40 percent in 1982. More than 120 storefronts have been restored and renovated. And the business district is expanding with the construction of South Side Works extending to Hot Metal Street/29th Street to the west.