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Welcome to South Side PGH

The South Side of Pittsburgh offers it all!

Be Entertained

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you probably already know that some of the region’s best restaurants are here in the South Side. But there’s a whole lot more you need to know about hanging out in our vibrant city neighborhood.

Live and Work

South Side is like no other neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and there’s no way to describe it in just one word. It’s urban, ethnic, hip, funky, feisty, and historic. But more than anything it’s a neighborhood where people go about their business living and working in a place they call home.


Whether you’re looking for a home, to start a business, or to make improvements on your commercial property, you’re in a neighborhood that is ripe for investment.

Buy a House or Condo

on the South Side

Homebuyers interested in either new or older homes have plenty of options on the South Side. Many older homes have been carefully restored (or are ready for restoration!), and new construction is booming. Please use the resources below to ease your home search, and contact South Side Local Development Company.

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  • Existing Property

Local Real Estate Agents

If you want to buy an older home in the South Side, you’re bound to find one that’s just perfect for you. Some are move-in ready; others need some restoration. These local real estate companies and contractors know the South Side’s housing stock best.

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Look to the South Side!!

Start a Business

Planning to start a new business on the South Side? Use this section of our website to connect to resources. The Business Improvements section also includes details on historic guidelines and requirements as well as financial and other resources that may be available to you.

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Neighborhood Plan

The South Side Neighborhood Plan includes a neighborhood description, development opportunities and constraints, and community issues and recommendations. The plan is supplemented by the South Side Riverfront Plan and a report on the South Side Works project, both adopted by the South Side Planning Forum in 1992.

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Business Improvements

If you own a business or commercial property on the South Side, chances are you have ideas for building improvements. Whether you’re considering a complete façade restoration, replacing your sidewalks, new signage, or a fresh coat of paint, use this section as a resource to help you as you embark on your project

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