Pittsburgh’s South Side

Find delightful holiday gifts on Pittsburgh’s South Side

If you’re among those still searching for holiday gifts, make the South Side your next shopping destination. At Fireborn Studios, handcrafted appetizer bakers ($26) come complete with recipes. Eight-week adult pottery classes are $160, or $14-16 for per class for children.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate R.E.I.’s SmartWool socks ($13.95) and the Jet Boil camp stove ($79.95), more compact and efficient than other models. And for those who like to take Spot along on weekend camping trips, the Dog Dome tent ($39) includes its own dog door.

For the smallest one on your list, give the gift that’s most adorable – The E House Company’s organic cotton onesies, each depicting a giraffe, seahorse, or cat (a fair trade product, $19.95-21.95). Or pick up the whimsical recycled juice bags ($13.95-$33.95), made by a women’s cooperative in the Phillipines.

At Sur la Table, Kellogg’s dishware runs from $6.95-19.95 per piece and features either the classic red rooster or the Rice Krispies trio. Another staff favorite – the Rosle stainless steel corksrew ($45) – comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Theatre goers will cherish tickets to City Theatre. May’s Honus and Me tells the story of a little leaguer and the amazing things that happen to him when he finds the most valuable baseball card in the world, that of the legendary Pittsburgh Pirate Honus Wagner. Tickets range between $15 and $40.

These gifts are only a few of the countless unique and charming items you’ll find on Pittsburgh’s South Side. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Fireborn Studios, 2338 Sarah St.; R.E.I., 412 S. 27th St.; The E House Company, 1511 E. Carson St.; Sur la Table, 2681 Sidney St.; City Theatre, 1300 Bingham St.

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