The South Side Local Development Company’s office is closed as of June 29, 2012.

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However, many functions of the organization will continue elsewhere in the community.

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Access to the South Side Local Development Company’s 30 years of maps, photographs, land redevelopment plans, public space studies, special events records, and much, much more will be available to the public by September 2012. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s South Side Branch has generously agreed to house these archives in a new collection that will be located in the newly renovated branch at 2205 East Carson Street. Access to these archives will be available upon request to the Library Branch Manager. We hope that you will take advantage of this great collection which documents the history of development in the South Side over the past 30 years.

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South Side Planning Forum

The Forum consists of representatives from the following 4 voting member organizations, to address major neighborhood issues and events.

For information about the South Side Planning Forum or to be on the agenda:

For information about the Design and Development Review Committee of the South Side Planning Forum:

PURPOSE: The Development Review Committee serves the South Side Planning Forum as a watchdog for appropriate land and construction development projects in the South Side. The Development Review Committee applies all relevant design guidelines, site plans and neighborhood policy documents to the review process. A merger of the LTV Steering Committee and the SSLDC Design Committee, the Development Review Committee reviews projects within the East Carson Street Historic District and the former LTV site (including the South Side Works), and can review any project in the South Side Flats or South Side Slopes. Developers who seek development review may include those who also seek Historic Review Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Art Commission and Planning Commission support letters, or general consultation. Unless referred by the City, developers’ attendance to the Development Review Committee is appreciated as a voluntary, goodwill step in the municipal approvals process.
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The South Side Planning Forum also anticipates the formation of a Parks and Greenspace Committee:

PURPOSE: To maintain lines of communication among various stakeholders involved in the maintenance and improvement of South Side’s green spaces (i.e., South Side Park, South Side Riverfront Park, Armstrong Playground, Ormsby Recreation Center) and to ensure that any projects/improvements/proposals related to South Side’s green spaces are in keeping with plans and studies included as appendices to the South Side Neighborhood Plan (i.e., South Side Park Greenspace Management Plan).
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South Side Soup Contest South Side Home Tour

For Information about the South Side Soup Contest or South Side Home Tour:

Contact: Casey Mahaven, Event Planner @

To address any administrative, legal, financial or real estate-related issues with the South Side Local Development Company:

Dr. Paul Lorincy, President @